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Two Fucking Masochists — The Doctor & The Master Fanmix

001. Stranger In A Strange Land — 30 Seconds to Mars
Enemy of mine,I’m just a stranger in a strange land,Running out of time,Better go, go, go.Angel or demon?I gave up my soul,I’m guilty of treason,I’ve abandoned control,Tonight.
002. Battle For The Sun — Placebo
I, I, I, will battle for the sun, sun, sun.And I, I, I, won’t stop until I’m done, done, done.You, you, you, are getting in the way, way, way.And I, I, I, have nothing left to say.
 003. Two — The Antlers
Tell me when you think that we became so unhappy,Wearing silver rings with nobody clapping.When we moved here together we were so disappointed,Sleeping out of tune with our dreams disjointed.It killed me to see you getting always rejected,But I didn’t mind the things you threw, the phones I deflected.I didn’t mind you blaming me for your mistakes,I just held you in the door frame through all of the earthquakes.
004. Unfinished Business (White Lies Cover) — Mumford & Sons 
But you have blood on your hands,And I know it’s mine,I just need more time.So get off your low and let’s dance like we used to.And there’s a light in the distance,Waiting for me, and I will wait for you.So get off your low and let’s kiss like we used to.
005. Mykonos (Barbaric Foxtronic Dubstep Remix) — Fleet Foxes
Brother, you don’t need to turn me away,I was waiting down at the ancient gate.
006. Kings of Medicine — Placebo
They’re picking up pieces of me,While they’re picking up peices of you,In a bag you will be before the day is over,While you’re looking for somewhere to be,Or looking for someone to do,Stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you.
007. When Anger Shows — Editors
These thoughts I must not think of,Dreams I can’t make sense of,I need you to tell me it’s OK.You are a sleeping lion, In your bed I will not wake you,You’re the moment love has passed,We all must learn to hate you,You’re a memory from before, Please don’t let me forget you.You’re the wolves at my door. 
008. Famous Last Words — My Chemical Romance
I am not afraid to keep on living,I am not afraid to walk this world alone,Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiving,Nothing you can say can stop me going home.
009. I Can Feel A Hot One — Manchester Orchestra
I could feel a hot one taking me down, For a moment, I could feel the force.Fainted to the point of tears,And you were holding on to make a point.What’s the point? I’m but a clean man, stable and alone man, Make it so I won’t have to try. The faces always stay the same, So I face the fact that I’m just fine, I said that I’m just fine.
010. Save — Twenty One Pilots
I deserve for you to turn away,I was ashamed to speak your name.I can’t believe that all you see,Is that you have covered me gracefully.You’re all I want to be,You’re all over me,Please, save me!I won’t take much of your time,I just want you to save me.
011. Passion Play — William Fitzsimmons
When I look in his eyes all I see is my face.Are you still on my back?After all these years?Chasing my out of hell,And my nice veneers. I don’t know how you stand,When you’ve got no floor.Or how you can breathe,With your hands on boards.I just want to be not what I am today.
012. Don’t Say That — The Autumn Film
The paleness of your skin,The stillness of your hands,Unfamiliar in fluorescent light.I wash my face,Wait for you to wave,And ask me if I’m ready to go home,But you don’t say that.
013. Biko — Bloc Party
For my sweetheart the melancholic, you have crossed the River Styx,And the waves have taken you away.As I lay my head on your chest, I can hear it your veins,Wake me up when you come to bed.So toughen up.
014. 9 Crimes — Damien Rice
Leave me out with the waste,This is not what I do.It’s the wrong kind of place,To be thinking of you.It’s the wrong time,For somebody new.It’s a small crime,And I’ve got no excuse.
— Bonus Track015. The Sound of Drums — Chameleon Circuit  

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Don’t blink. Don’t take your eyes off of them. They’re fast- unbelievably fast. Don’t. Blink.

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The TARDIS bookcase my dad and I made today. Painting it and adding the light thing tomorrow!



I came to the realization that my Aunt’s boyfriend (at least I believe this is her boyfriend), looks a lot like David Tennant. 
At least in my opinion… 
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